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I want to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to all of our stakeholders for their sincere support.


Having closed its accounts for the second quarter of the 94th term (from April 1 to September 30, 2016) on September 30, 2016, the DJK Group hereby provides an overview of its financial results.


Japan’s economy maintained a course of gentle recovery during the second quarter. Thanks to the Japanese government’s economic stimulus measures and financial policies, corporate earnings, employment, and personal income all improved. Nevertheless, several factors continued to cloud the future outlook, including the adverse impact of falling crude oil prices on the economies of resource-producing countries, the emergence of geopolitical risks in certain countries and regions, Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, and slowing growth in the economies of China and emerging markets.


Under these conditions, the DJK Group’s consolidated business performance for the second quarter demonstrated strong sales of equipment to manufacturers of IT and other digital devices and to the pharmaceuticals industry, in addition to sales of equipment for use in petroleum plants and ethylene plants overseas. Profits increased significantly from the same period last year, and we exceeded our initial profit targets.


Under the “business axis” management structure developed to achieve further growth in business performance, the DJK Group seeks both to improve and demonstrate its specialization along each business axis and to meet the needs of domestic and international customers in multifaceted ways through coordination among individual businesses.


In addition, as we continue to accelerate the development of our multifunctional businesses, we will focus on enhancing our ability to identify conditions in the field and seek to establish a powerful governance structure based on thorough risk management for an increasingly complex business world.


In accordance with the vision and basic policies of the Mid-term Management Plan DASH2018 as the central pillar, we will continue to strive to expand our business domains and to improve our business performance by advancing Group-wide efforts to win orders under the global four-axis network.


We sincerely ask all of our stakeholders for even greater support.


November 2016

Koji Yamagata

President & CEO

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