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I would like to express my gratitude to all our stakeholders for their continuing support.


We have completed the settlement of accounts for the second quarter of our 95th fiscal year (from April 1 to September 30, 2017). For our stakeholders, who provide vital support for our day-to-day business activities, I would like to provide an update on our business performance and related aspects.


During the second quarter, Japan’s economy maintained a pattern of gentle recovery. We saw signs of improvement in corporate business performance, employment, and income attributable to government economic and monetary policies. Nevertheless, for several reasons, the future remains unclear. These reasons include geopolitical risks in certain countries and regions; political and economic trends in the United States; concerns about the rise of protectionist sentiment around the world; and slowing economic growth in China and other emerging markets.


Against this background, our consolidated business performance during this second quarter was marked by strong sales of automation equipment for the automotive industry, as well as equipment for manufacturing electronic components and other products for manufacturers of IT and digital devices, even though net sales failed to reach the target announced at the start of the period due to delays in the delivery of certain large orders to major oil companies. We received several major orders from manufacturers of IT and digital devices at the end of the first half and entered the second half of the fiscal year with significant volumes of orders left to fill.


Alongside constant technological advances, the needs of world markets continue to evolve at breakneck pace. We strive to conscientiously address issues in every field of industry. Nevertheless, as a company specializing in machinery, we must continue to generate ideas unconstrained by the patterns of the traditional wholesale machinery business, in addition to develop products and trade areas. To do so effectively, working with each of our trading partners, we will move more forcefully to achieve open innovation to generate equipment, facilities, technical services, and other solutions that meet the needs of the changing times yet to come.


Looking ahead, we expect smart factories to become an ever more prominent theme across various fields and industries. This theme entails various aspects, including achieving smaller staffing, cutting labor requirements, deploying automation, and creating lighter products. Our company possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge and a broad range of marketing strengths. I am confident we can wield these strengths to our advantage. We intend to accelerate each initiative to ensure we do not miss out on these business opportunities.


To strengthen business performance, the Group as a whole will strive to take concerted and consistent action as a single team while keeping in mind at all times the targets identified in our DASH2018 mid-term management plan.


We are deeply grateful for the continuing support of our stakeholders.


November 2017

Ichiro Uno

President & CEO

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