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My name is Ichiro Uno, and I took office as President & CEO of Daiichi Jitsugyo Co., Ltd. on April 1, 2017. I'd like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to all of our stakeholders for their sincere support.


As a total supplier of industrial machinery, we have engaged in business across a wide range of industrial sectors, supporting manufacturing firms on a global basis. In recent years, to expand our range of business capabilities, we have promoted our systems integration and engineering businesses, in addition to our traditional activities related to sales of equipment in individual units. The goal of these business activities is to become a highly productive company with a permanent presence.


The world around us is likely to become more diverse, increasingly complex, and faster-paced. I believe proactively gathering a broad range of information, rapid decision-making, and adapting flexibly to change will prove essential.


Under these conditions, I believe my mission is to guide the Company to stable growth and to pass it on to the next generation in strong, healthy shape. In accordance with the basic policies of the Mid-term Management Plan DASH2018, we will complete and deploy the business domain-based system as a global matrix. We will also enhance the management structure based on thorough risk management and a powerful governance system.


At the same time, we must identify growth markets and energetically invest human resources and capital in each business segment in which the Company is active. While we have diversified to some degree in our five business segments, there remain areas in which we have yet to test the waters or on which we have to date focused insufficient effort. To achieve further business expansion, we intend to enhance our initiatives by targeting appropriate and selected markets.


Steady progress on implementing these efforts will clarify our roadmap toward achieving the consolidated business targets specified in the Mid-term Management Plan.


We sincerely ask all of our stakeholders for their continuing guidance and support.


April 2017

Ichiro Uno

President & CEO

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