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As an Environment-creating Trading Company

Photovoltaic Power Generation System

Realization of total solutions for photovoltaic power generation systems

DJK sells photovoltaic generation systems. We comprehensively provide proposals and construction services regarding solar cells, power conditioners, and connection of customers’ systems with that of power companies. Specifically, we select solar cells that fit into the installation location desired by customers, tell them about the subsidy system, and explain the design and construction suitable for the installation place as well as expected electricity output. We completed the construction of DJK Kasama Photovoltaic Power Plant in the industrial park of Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture in March 2013 (an estimated annual output of 1,780 thousand kWh : the equivalent amount of electricity consumed by about 500 ordinary households). We also completed another plant called DJK Iida Photovoltaic Power Plant, in the Kawaji area of Iida, Nagano Prefecture in April 2014 (an estimated annual output of 1,110 thousand kWh : the equivalent amount of electricity consumed by about 300 ordinary households). With these plants, we aim to acquire know-how about mega solar power plants while selling electricity.
As an environment-creating trading company, we will strive to create clean energy.

Dept. in charge: New Energy Business Dept.

Secondary Battery

Full support for the production process of lithium-ion batteries

DJK, engaged in the sales of photovoltaic power generation systems and manufacturing equipment for solar panels, deals in production equipment for lithium-ion batteries that were developed to store electricity generated by the said systems, etc.
We also comprehensively carry facilities necessary for the production process of lithium-ion batteries, including: machines for cracking and classifying electrode materials for a lithium-ion battery; furnaces for firing powder rapidly and uniformly; our proprietary equipment that can coat both sides simultaneously, and substantially increase productivity in the coating process; furnaces for efficiently drying water and solvents of electrode materials for secondary batteries and capacitors; and systems for manufacturing materials, pole plates and cells and doing inspections.

Dept. in charge: Energy System Dept. I & II

Geothermal Power Generation

Drilling rigs and drilling support

Geothermal power generation, which utilizes geothermal energy accumulated in the earth’s interior, emits a small amount of carbon dioxide, trailing only hydropower generation, and is operable 24 hours a day without being influenced by the weather. The resource for this generation is considered to exist semi-permanently.
DJK will aim to contribute to the creation of clean energies by providing geothermal power plants with drilling equipment and technologies that are based on know-how about the oil-related businesses, our core business since our establishment.

Dept. in charge: Energy Development Projects Dept.

Organic Rankine Cycle Module

Utilization of unused heat sources

The Organic Rankine Cycle Module (125 kW) that DJK deals in generates electricity through heat exchange between heat energy, or heat sources, and an inert gas coolant with a low boiling point. As energy sources, the system uses discharged hot water with temperatures of 80 – 95°C, such as hot spring water and hot water discharged from plants, and discharged vapor and gas with temperatures of 150°C or higher. The system produces electric power utilizing unused heat sources, and thus emits no carbon dioxide. With this system, users can curtail their purchase of electric power and even sell electricity. The system, not influenced by the weather, is a clean base power source and also a small distributed power source that meets your needs for electric power.

Dept. in charge: ORC Power Generation System Dept.

Methane Hydrate

Support for development of the next-generation resource

DJK provides various devices and support measures for the development of methane hydrate. They have been developed by making use of our extensive experience and using solid technologies regarding oil drilling, which we have cultivated since our establishment.
It is said that one of the world’s largest methane hydrate deposits is located below the seabed around Japan. Methane hydrate is expected to be a new energy source that can replace oil and natural gas.
As an environment-creating trading company, we will also focus on the creation of next-generation resources.

Dept. in charge: Energy Development Projects Dept.

ESCO (Energy Service Company) Business

Business that uses cogeneration based on artesian natural gas

Based on a feasibility study on the commercialization of natural gas cogeneration conducted by Chokai, Yurihonjo, Akita Prefecture, DJK operates the ESCO business that uses a gas cogeneration system. In the business, utilizing artesian natural gas that would diffuse in the air, we provide 49% of power demand and 59% of heat demand (by recovering exhaust gas heat) at Chokaiso Inn, and 84% of power demand and 65% of heat demand (by recovering exhaust gas heat) at Hotel Foresta Chokai. In both cases, we aim to achieve a higher energy-saving effect.
We conduct the ESCO business with support from the independent administrative corporation New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization.

Dept. in charge: Petroleum & Petro Chemical Plant Dept.

Various Environment Plants

Environment solution system that contributes to society

The DJK Group, as an environment-creating trading house, designs and constructs environment-related plants, particularly plants for treating waste gases, fluids and solids and recovering valuables, using our exclusive technologies. By doing this, we are striving to solve a variety of environmental problems that are facing us and the world.
We also do our utmost to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and resultantly prevent global warming by marketing a variety of facilities that detoxify various wastes discharged from factories, including waste fluid incineration systems, waste acid treatment facilities, NH3 removal and recovery equipment, and plant facilities for removing hydrofluoric acid and NOx.

Dept. in charge: Daiichi Engineering Co., Ltd.

Wet-pyrolysis Reactor

Waste fluid equipment for ironworks

DJK has conducted R&D on waste fluid equipment for ironworks, jointly with Daiichi Engineering Co., Ltd. which is a DJK Group company, a group company of SMS Demag AG of Germany which is a leading iron-making plant maker, and Saitama University. In conventional calcination process, pyrolysis is conducted through heating by a burner at temperatures of 800 – 900°C. Further pyrolysis will generate hydrogen chloride, iron oxide, water and exhaust gas. Meanwhile, in the wet method, heating is conducted using steam, and temperatures of 200°C or lower are required. For this method, heat generated at other processes within ironworks can be used, and further pyrolysis will generate hydrogen chloride, iron oxide and water, but no exhaust gas. We carry this wet-pyrolysis reactor.

Dept. in charge: Project Machinery Dept.


Concentrator for waste liquid at paper pulp plants

Currently, waste liquid in chemical pulp production (black liquor) has become an important energy source, providing one-third of the total energy consumed in the paper manufacturing industry. DJK deals in concentrators that recover chemicals used for cooking wood and solidify black liquor to use as fuel for a boiler. With the performance of the black-liquor recovery boiler improved considerably, black liquor has become an important energy source together with oil and coal, contributing to society through energy saving.

Dept. in charge: Energy System Dept. Ⅲ